Application for a Thailand Pass

The ‘Thailand Pass’ was introduced last November when it was lauded as the easy and fast replacement for the cumbersome ‘Certificate of Entry’ (CoE). The reality has been quite different. The Thailand Pass has many of the same elements as the CoE but often suffers time-wise as all applications are handled in Bangkok rather than by individual embassies or consulates. This has resulted in the Thailand Pass often taking up to 10 days to process. You are well-advised to take advantage of the 60 days prior to taking off in which to apply, rather than sweating on a last-minute application

It is basically what it says on the Tin – a pass to get into Thailand and is a requirement for all travelers including returning Thai nationals. You are required to obtain one regardless of the visa you are traveling on. It comes in the form of a QR code which can be scanned by the immigration officer on arrival.

There are two categories of people who can apply, those who are vaccinated against Covid-19 and those who are not, with the former enjoying a distinct advantage in quarantine requirements.

The process looks at 5 main categories: –

· Validity of Passport.

· Flight Status.

· Your Quarantine booking.

· Medical Insurance and

· Your Covid-19 Vaccine status.

The entire process is conducted online and requires the formfilling and downloading of documents. For assistance with your application check out Thai Embassy UK.

Finally, a word of caution, in the event that your airline changes your flight more than 72 hours prior to departure, a new application is required. So keep up to date with your flight details


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