Can I apply for Further Leave to Remain without a valid passport?

How to Apply for a UK Priority Visa Overseas

Although one of the most important documents that are needed when applying for Further Leave to Remain is your passport, it is possible, in some circumstances, to get an extension without one. Of course, the situation is far from ideal, and all efforts should be made to obtain a replacement passport before you apply for Further Leave to Remain or Indefinite Leave to Remain. If you could have got a new passport, but you didn’t apply for whatever reason, the chances of your extension being granted are slim.

Reasons why you may not have a valid passport

· They were a victim of human trafficking and are now a refugee

· Obtaining the necessary documentation required for the passport is impossible

· The documentation can’t be obtained due to extenuating circumstances

· The person is no longer of sound mind and is now unable to make such decisions for themselves, and their “home” country does not recognize Lasting Power of Attorneys

What needs to be done in these circumstances?

The first step is that the person applying for Further Leave to Remain, including Indefinitely, Leave to Remain, would need to be able to prove their identity. This could be in the form of a National ID Card, valid driving license, or relevant travel documents, although the acceptance of any of the above would be at the Home Office’s discretion. Secondly, they would need to prove that they qualify to remain in the UK and finally, that their circumstances haven’t changed since their previous application.

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