Thai Girlfriend

The Secret To Dating Thai Girls Part 2

February 11, 2017 Paul Aslett 0

The secret to dating Thai girls part 2 hopefully, you’ve already ready part ( click here ), and you’re ready to further educate yourself about dating Thai girls. Assuming you’ve already been on a couple […]

Thai Girlfriend

Australian Migration Agent

September 3, 2014 Paul Aslett 0

Getting an Australian visa for your Thai wife can be daunting. After all, Australia has strict requirements for gaining visas, and there are many hoops one has to jump through when getting them. Fear not, though: An […]

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Thai Girlfriend

USA Visitors Visa

September 2, 2014 Paul Aslett 0

Citizens of the United States enjoy the privilege of visiting almost any foreign country with minimal difficulty. What many U.S. passport holders do not realise is that visiting the United States as a foreign citizen […]

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