Declaration to Travel – New exit permit to fly from English Airports

In an attempt to combat the rising trend in illegal tourist travel during the Coronavirus outbreak, the UK Government has introduced a new system known as the ‘Declaration to Travel’. An unprecedented exit permit will be required from outbound travelers from Monday 8 March 2021. From that day, anyone who enters “a port of departure to travel internationally” in England without a completed form will be committing a criminal offense – even if they are legally entitled to travel.

Airlines will be required to check that passengers have a valid reason to travel abroad. Traveling internationally is only permitted for a limited number of reasons under current UK COVID-19 restrictions while the ‘stay at home order is in effect. It is illegal to travel abroad for holidays. Exceptions to the travel ban can include work, urgent family matters, and medical treatment, but in addition to the form, you should consider carrying additional documentation to evidence your reason to travel.

You must complete the Declaration to Travel form which can be downloaded from the link below. Airlines will be required to check that passengers have a valid reason to travel abroad. The Police will also be able to inspect the form if you are stopped on the way to the airport

*Information provided is subject to changes ( please check the UK/VI website regularly )*


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