Free Thai language course for children in the UK and Ireland

The Thai Embassy in London is offering children the chance to join an free Thai language course learnt through cartoon animation. “Thailand Express” is organised by the Royal Thai Embassy and together with Srinakharinwirot University

Children will meet friends on the ‘Thai special express train’ providing both fun and enjoyment and knowledge about the Thai language the country An episode of the class every Friday from July 2nd (studying once a week/continuously for a total of 5 weeks).

Parents can open online lessons for their children to watch at a convenient time and send exercises to test learning skills by email after class to measure grades.

Register for free classes from today until the end of June by clicking the link or scanning the QR Code.

How to register online –  register for free Thai lessons  

How to contact the Royal Thai consulate in the UK –  Click Here

Apply for a certificate of entry into Thailand  –  COE into Thailand

UK Visa document checking service  –  Meeting the financial requirements



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