Improvements to Pattaya’s Infrastructure is Good News for Expats

Pattaya is a great place for an expat to live, work and retire as there is so much that the city has to offer. It has a fantastic year-round climate and there is plenty to do from sightseeing to playing golf or merely relaxing in the many excellent bars and restaurants in the city. Pattaya has changed a great deal in recent years as too has the infrastructure but it is still a great place to meet some Thai girls and perhaps even your future Thai wife. Many of these girls have ‘normal’ jobs s don’t be of the belief that they are all Thai bargirls.

You only have to take a brief walk around Pattaya to see the changes. The road network is fast improving especially the links with Bangkok and the Eastern Seaboard and the infamous overhead power cables are slowly but surely moving underground. Of course, one of the major problems, particularly in the rainy season, was flash flooding. Luckily, this is something else that has been addressed and in many ways, the city is becoming more akin to what we are used to back home – only with many added benefits!

Even getting to Pattaya is easy than ever before with the improvements to the local U-Tapao Airport which now welcomes more international flights than ever before including Qatar flights. Naturally, as more people come to live in the city they need more things that they are familiar with and Pattaya has recently seen the opening of the new Terminal 21 shopping mall that is proving to be a huge success. OK, this might not be the first thing that you are thinking of but it is certainly something that will appeal to the Thai girlfriend.

An increasing number of people are moving to Pattaya as a result of their work so the city needs to cater for these families. Pattaya has always been popular with retirees who see it as the perfect plays to relax after years of hard work. If you are thinking of retiring in Pattaya then you will require a Thai Retirement Visa which those over 50 years of age can apply for so long as they meet certain criteria.

There are many exciting things still expected for Pattaya such as the high-speed rail link between Bangkok and Rayong that will stop in Pattaya. This will significantly reduce commuting times between the two cities making your life in Pattaya all the more easy. There are other things is the pipeline too such as a mass transit transport system for the city which will again enhance the residents’ life.

Pattaya is a great place to live and the chances are that you will fall in love with a Thai girl. If you do, you may wish to take her back to the UK to visit your friends and family. If do this you will need to arrange a UK Tourist Visa for her which will mean that she can spend up to 6 months in the UK.

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