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The Immigration NHS Surcharge

March 8, 2019 Paul Aslett 0

As of 6 April 2015, Non-EEA nationals making UK visa applications are required to pay an NHS surcharge, often referred to as the ‘immigration health surcharge’. Although this will add an additional cost to the […]

Thai Girlfriend

Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

February 2, 2019 Paul Aslett 0

It is fair to say that many people are nervous about leaving their Thai girlfriend alone in Thailand when they return to the UK. It is quite understandable, especially if she was a Thai bargirl […]

Thai Girlfriend

Your Guide To Having A Thai Girlfriend

September 15, 2018 Paul Aslett 0

Thai girlfriends are on the whole great but almost all have their quirks. There are some huge cultural differences between those from the west and Thai ladies. If you are in a new relationship, we […]

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