Using Cash Savings to Meet Income Threshold for UK Spouse Visa

I have been getting a lot of enquirers lately about relying on cash savings for spouse/child or family dependent visas. Basic UK Spouse Visa Income Threshold: Under the current Immigration Rules, . The threshold can be met by meeting the following requirements ;
  • By earning a minimum of £18,600 annually
  • By having a minimum of £62,500 in cash savings.
  • Be aware: this figure increases with each additional non-British dependent in the family, such as a child who is not British, but the figure remains unaffected by additional British family members such as British children ( Uk passport holders)
  • If you do  choose to combine your income with cash savings then you must show minimum savings of £16,000. The amount of income you need to meet to cover up the remainder is calculated via the following method:

    (Amount of savings – 16,000) ÷ 2.5 = X

    X – 18,600 = amount if income needed to cover the remainder

    Example: £25,000 cash savings

     (25000 – 16000) ÷ 2.5 = £3,600

    £18,600 – £3,600 = £15,000

Be awarev: the rule allowing you to combine cash and income savings does not apply if you are self-employed or if you are the Director of a limited company in the UK.

Please contact us so we can calculate whetjer you qualify for a UK spouse/ settlement visa today.


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