5 and 10 year partner visa route

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5 – year partner visa route

  1. Entered the UK  as a fiancé(e) or a proposed civil partner, and who married and entered into a civil partnership in the UK. And they are now applying to remain in the UK as the spouse or a civil partner.
  2. Entered the UK as a spouse or partner, and were issued a 2.5 year visa on arrival, the applicant can then extend the visa after 2.5 years, subject to the applicant meeting the relationship requirements, and the financial requirements.

10 – year partner visa route – this is relevant to applicants who are in the UK

  1. Entered as a tourist
  2. On a short term visa ( valid for 6 months or less)
  3. Or an illegal immigrant ( a person with no valid visa)
  4. On the 5 -year route, but they cannot meet the requirements of Appendix FM at the time of the extension.

This may be because, for example, they cannot return to their country of residence to submit an application.

Visa Validity

If you are either on the 10-year route or the 5-year route the visa is valid for 2.5 years. You would then need to apply for an extension of stay also known as FLR. If for example, you are on the 5-year route you would be eligible to apply ( 1 time if on the 5-year route), however, if you are on the 10  -year route then you must extend a further 3 times before you are eligible to apply for permanent residence ( indefinite leave to remain).

How about switching to the 5 – year route?

If are currently on the 10-year partner route and your circumstances change for example, you are now able to meet all the requirements of Appendix FM, then you can apply to switch to the 5-year visa route. You can in fact do this straight away, and you do not have to wait until your current UK  visa expires. But, anytime spent in the UK on the 10 -year route cannot be carried forward, therefore, it cannot be counted towards your qualifying period for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. This means that the clock resets and you must now complete the full 5 years on the 5-year route to be eligible for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

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