A1 English test – meeting the language requirements to settle in the UK

How long is the A1 IELTS  English test valid for?

The test certificate is valid for 2 – years.

What is the A1 English test?

In order to fulfill the requirement of Knowledge of Language, applicants need to obtain an (ESOL) at or above Entry Level 1 or  A1 CEFR, which consists of “Speaking and Listening” modules only and is passed through an approved English Language Test.

Further, leave to remain – What are the English test requirements?

To extend the visa the applicant will need to have passed the A2 language requirement.

Which English test is required for a UK spouse visa?

You can prove it with an academic qualification, or by taking an approved English test. This must be at least a CEFR level A1 in the speaking and listening test. Where can I find out more information – how to prove your knowledge of English?

Does my spouse need to pass the  IELTS for a UK visa?

Yes, if the applicant wishes to settle in the UK then they must prove their English speaking and listening skills.  The test must be (ESOL) at or above Entry Level 1 / A1 CEFR to meet the language requirements.

Which can you take the Entry Level 1 / A1 CEFR in the UK?

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