Application for a Certificate of Entry to Thailand?

Living in the UK or Ireland? Before entering Thailand you must apply to the Thai Embassy in London a the Certificate of Entry (COE) and this can be done through their online application system at Each passenger has to register and apply individually, although parents can apply on behalf of their children.
This applies to both Thai Citizens, being repatriated for example, and non-Thai’s alike and if you’re foreign (or falang da nam khao, as the Thais call it!) you will need an entry visa too. In order to qualify you need to be able to prove your flight details, that you have the appropriate level of insurance and where you will spend your quarantine period. The COE is emailed to you upon grant and you must present it to your airline and to immigration upon arrival.
For assistance with your Certificate of Entry or visa application call us today. We can also assist with the other statutory immigration forms for both departure and arrival.

The rules are straight forward – No COE, No Entry


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