UK visa processing times increasing

UK visa processing times

UK visa processing times. The UKVI is prioritising Ukraine Visa Scheme applications. Therefore, family visas may take up to 24 weeks to process. The UKVI is prioritizing Ukraine Visa Scheme applications due to the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the invasion of Ukraine. Clients applying for additional routes will face some delays in completing their applications. As a result, they’ve decided to temporarily increase their Marriage and Family service standard to 24 weeks, rather than the typical 12 weeks for this path. This means you should receive a decision within 24 weeks (120 working days) of giving your biometrics at the Visa Application Centre, rather than the usual 12 weeks.

They are working as swiftly as possible to shorten the current processing time, and they apologize for any trouble this has caused. They may consider expediting individual instances if there are extremely compassionate or compelling circumstances (for example, a medical emergency). However, the bar for this is high, and each case will be evaluated individually. You can call the UK/VI helpline if your need is extremely urgent. Be aware that should you decide to exit the UK whilst your application is being processed, your application will be automatically withdrawn.

The UK/VI is also suspending the priority visa service on some routes.

Important update regarding UKVI’s Super Priority and Priority Visa Services for UK visa applications.UKVI is currently giving Ukraine Family Scheme applications priority. As a result, UKVI has temporarily halted priority and super-priority services for all non-visit routes.

Will this also affect UK general visitor visa applications?

Yes, applications for visits, transit, family visits, study, and work in the UK will take significantly longer. Our advice is to apply 90-days in advance of the intended date of travel to the UK.

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