Guide to applying for a UK general visitor visa

Guide to applying for a UK general visitor visa

If you are thinking of taking your Thai girlfriend to the UK for a holiday, then you will need to provide documents to support the proposed visit to the UK. Most applications are rejected because the applicant has failed to demonstrate that they are a genuine visitor that will depart at the end of their stay in the UK.

Guide to applying for a UK general visitor visa – document requirements :

  1. A valid travel passport
  2. Evidence of funds available to you, and which are clearly accessible by the applicant
  3. Evidence of support you will receive from your sponsor including details of what support is being provided and how ( if you have a sponsor)
  4. Evidence of the relationship, if any, between you and your sponsor
  5. If your documents are not in English then you must provide translations.
  6. Evidence of any family members that will remain in your country of residence whilst you visit the UK.
  7. Employment letter allowing leave from work
  8. Evidence of assets for example property, land.
  9. Previous immigration history should be attached to the visa application
  10. Invitation from your UK-based family or friend(s) and evidence of their permission to be in the UK.
  11. If you have been refused a UK visa then you should declare it on the visa application form.

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