How to apply for a UK visitors visa in Thailand

All applicants will need the following documents to apply for a UK visitors visa in Thailand.

  • A valid passport. Your passport or travel document, which must be valid, in good condition, and
    has at least one blank page.
  • All previous passports.
  • Evidence of family that will remain in Thailand whilst you travel to the UK.
  • Evidence of assets & ties to Thailand – property, employment, land, these are examples.
  • A completed visa application form
  • Evidence of funds – available to you, and which are clearly accessible by you.
  • Evidence of support you will receive from your sponsor including details of
    what support is being provided and how ( if applicable).
  • Evidence of the relationship, if any, between you and your sponsor.
  • Evidence that your sponsor is not, or will not be, in breach of UK immigration
    laws at the time of your visit.
  • Any previous refusals of entry clearance
  • Evidence of previous immigration history if any.
  • All documents must be translated into English if in a foreign language.

You’ll also need to provide the following information:

  • The dates that you’re planning to travel to the UK
  • Details of where you’ll be staying in the UK during your visit
  • How much you think your trip will cost you personally
  • Your current home address and how long you’ve lived there
  • Your parents’ names and dates of birth (if known)
  • How much do you earn in a year (if you have an income)
  • Your children’s documents if applicable
  • Evidence of a personal relationship between you & the sponsor.

Further information – How to apply for Visa application UK eligibility requirements.

You can find further information about how to apply for a UK family visit visa application.

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