If I am resident in the UK but don’t have a valid passport, can I apply for Further Leave to Remain?

If you have been residing in the UK for a few years, your Thai passport may have expired. Of course, you should do everything within your power to prevent this from happening as a new passport can easily be obtained from the Royal Thai Embassy in London. Still, the Home Office does understand that sometimes things can get overlooked. If this happens to you and you need to apply for Further Leave to Remain or Indefinite Leave to Remain, you will need the following:

· Your previous passport – if lost, an explanation of how and what has been done about it

· Letters from employers vouching for who you are

· Your National Insurance card, copies of payslips, P60s or P45s or a letter from an educational establishment

· Proof that you are entitled to the staff in the UK

Any decision is at the Home Office’s Discretion

If you have a good reason why you haven’t got your Thai passport or a valid travel document the Home Office will usually understand if you have done everything possible to rectify this situation. You must provide an alternative ID as outlined above and meet all the criteria required, but this doesn’t mean that it will automatically be accepted.

If you are a Thai national and have mislaid or had your passport stolen, we understand that it can be a stressful time. However, at Thai Visa Express, we can help you with all aspects of acquiring a new Thai passport as well as guiding you through the process of applying for FLR or ILR. So, if you would like more information, call us on +66 (0)80 102 2328, +66 (0) 38 420 313 or +44 (0) 20 8133 8059, email us on: info@thaivisaexpress.com or alternatively, contact us via our website.



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