British passport for babies born overseas

Applying for a first-time British passport for babies born overseas

What are the documents required for applying for passports for children born overseas in Thailand?

  • Childs Thai birth certificate (original
  • Fathers long UK birth certificate (not the short version (long) original)
  • The child’s mothers Thai birth certificate (original)
  •  A color copy of the father’s British passport (photo page only)

Your countersignatory should write the following on the back of one photo:

  • ‘I certify that this is a true likeness of [title and full name of adult or child who is getting the passport].
  • Have known the person applying (or the adult who signed the form if the passport is for a child under 16) for at least 2 years be able to identify the person applying,e.g. they’re a friend, neighbor, or colleague (not just someone who knows them professionally).
  • Countersigning British passports – general guidance
  • Overseas British passports – general guidance 

Documents required by the child’s mother

  • Mothers passport original
  • Mothers ID card original
  • Marriage certificate original (if you are married)
  • Name changes original (mother of the child/ child)
  •  House blue book (original ) –address of the applicant (where they are registered)

Do the documents need to be translated?

 Translations must be provided if the original documents are not in English.

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Submitting the application

UK Visa Application Centre
The Trendy Office Building,
8th Floor,
Sukhumvit Soi13,
Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana


If you want to find out more about how to apply as a British passport from overseas , call us today on 0749326987, or use our contact us form to find out more.


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