Countersigning British Passport Applications

Accepted occupations

Your countersignature must either:

  • work in (or be retired from) a recognized profession
  • be a person of good standing in the community

Your countersignature cannot:

  • work for the Passport Office
  • be a doctor, unless they state that they know you well (for example they’re a good friend) and that they can easily recognize you easily from your photo

Examples of who can countersign :

  • accountant
  • airline pilot
  • articled clerk of a limited company
  • assurance agent of recognized company
  • bank or building society official
  • barrister
  • chairman or director of a limited company
  • chiropodist
  • commissioner for oaths
  • councilor, for example, local or county
  • civil servant (permanent)
  • dentist
  • director, manager, or personnel officer of a VAT-registered company
  • engineer with professional qualifications

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