Marriage visitor visa – UK spousal visas

Marriage visitor visa – what are they?

  • you can apply if you want to get married in the UK or enter into a civil partnership
  • you wish to give notice that you intend to marry
  • you’re not intending to stay in the UK or settle after you are married

How long is this marriage visitor visa valid for?

You can stay in the UK for up to 6 – months – you can apply online

Documents you may wish to include with the application evidence

  • prove that you intend to marry for example correspondence with the area registrar, or a confirmed booking.
  • a decree absolute if you have been previously married, or a death certificate of your former partner.

Can I switch to a family visa?

No, you cannot switch  categories – how to apply for a  fiancee visa or proposed civil partner from outside the UK

Is a marriage overseas classed as being legally recognised  in the UK – is a Thai marriage legal

What if I am already legally married – how do you apply as the partner or spouse

Further information –  all about spousal visas

Where to apply – overseas UK visa application centres

You will need to submit the application at VFS – they will take your fingerprints and biometrics as part of the application process. In most cases, they will hold your passport until a decision is made about your visa application. The average processing time for a marriage visitor visa takes up to 15 working days to get a decision. If you want to find out more about a UK marriage visa, call us now on 0749326987, or contact us today.



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Reasons for refusal of a UK visitor visa

Reasons for refusal of a UK visitor visa

Reasons for UK visit visa refusals can vary based on personal and economic circumstances. Some common reasons include: 1. Inadequate financial documentation: If the applicant